Default Retirement Age Likely To Come To An End In U.K.

UK Today News: Default Retirement Age Likely To Come To An End In U.K.

There are plans in the process to get rid of the default retirement age of the service class people in the United Kingdom. Reports say that this will be implemented before October 2011, although, the changes would take place from April 6, 2011.


The current scenario sees people retiring at the age of 65, as people are seen to comparatively live longer, according to Employment Minister, Ed Davey.

Mr Davey said: “People are living longer lives, they are living healthier lives and we think it’s out of date to force them to retire at 65. We want to end this discrimination.”

The law is getting flexible because many people are being thrown out of their jobs on the pretext of the age. Davey says, if the person is incompetent and not performing his job well, then the employer can ask his employee to leave the job.

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