South Korea Issues Warnings To North Korea After Artillery Firing Near Border


South Korea has summoned strict warnings to North Korea, that it has breached the truce between both the nations, after firing shells into South Korean waters on Monday. The South Korean military has stated that it will retaliate sternly over any future provocations.

Korean army
Photo Credit: Getty

Reports state that North Korea had fired as many as 110 shells, but it has been reported that 10 shells had managed to fall and hit the S.Korean waters on an island which on the disputed border, which is inhabited by fishermen and the S.Korean army.

S.Korea and N.Korea, along with the representative of the UN met in the village of Panmunjom, to discuss the violations of the 1953 armistice. South Korea stated that it has sent a fax message that had protested on the artillery shells which were fired by North Korea into the S.Korean waters.