Vienna Girardi Reveals Her New Boyfriend – John Sala

UK Today News: Vienna Girardi Reveals Her New Boyfriend – John Sala

Vienna Girardi has finally disclosed about the man in her life, whom she had kept undercover for a while. She herself has blogged about John Sala, the man whom she is currently dating.

Pic: ABC

A source close to Girardi informed, “John Sala is in college studying biochemical engineering. He and Vienna met on a vacation in the Bahamas two years ago, and have remained friendly since. He recently came to L.A. to visit her, and the two are taking things slow.”(People)

People reports that the source also says that the actress is really very happy with her new man than she was with her ex – Jake Pavelka of the “Bachelor”. Vienna and John are together planning to start a non – profit organization for ‘Biolustre’ hair products.

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