Mexico Mudslide – 11 People Missing In Oaxaca Mudslide


UK Today News: Mexico Mudslide – 11 People Missing In Oaxaca Mudslide

A sigh of relief for the Mexican authorities, as the number of casualties in the Mexico mudslide in Oaxaca were less than what the previously assumed numbers were. The authorities had claimed that more than 1000 people were missing after a mudslide in Mexico, caused due to the incessant rains, but latest reports say that it is just 11 who have not been found as yet.

(Photo: Reuters)

The mudslide had engulfed the Santa Maria Tlahitoltepec (SMT), Oaxaca and the authorities believed that more than 100 houses must have been destructed by the natural calamity and that made them calculate a big number for the missing ones.

But, after the investigations in the Santa Maria Tlahitoltepec (which is famous for its grand architectures and archaeological sites), the officials found that just 11 were missing as that compared of the assumed 1000s.

Mexican officials have dramatically scaled back the number of people believed buried by a landslide in a remote southern town.