“The Bachelor Star” Brad Womack Ready For Committment


UK Today News: “The Bachelor Star” Brad Womack Ready For Committment

Brad Womack, a known face for the audiences of ‘The Bachelor’ says that he has undergone a drastic change and would love if people of America start knowing that he wants to be committed now.

Womack who owns a bar in Texas was actually abhorred for his fear for commitment in the show three years ago in ‘The Bachelor’.

Brad said,

“I’ve changed. I’m ready to meet someone.I have undergone “intensive therapy” to try and determine “where I went wrong, how I could fix myself, how I could change the things I needed to change to help me find somebody.”

Brad had rejected both the remaining last contenders on the show, DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft because of his commitment phobia. But the question is,

‘Then what was he going in the show’?

Now he says that he is ready to build a good and caring family that he would be committed to forever.