Rick Sanchez Fired From CNN After Calling Jon Stewart A Bigot


UK Today News: Rick Sanchez Fired From CNN After Calling Jon Stewart A Bigot

Reporter Rick Sanchez has got fired from CNN, after he called Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart a Bigot . Sanchez was laid off after he made a very sensitive comment on his show “Rick’s List” on Thursday.

According to reports, Stewart made fun of Sanchez quite often on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” and just a few weeks back, Stewart mocked Sanchez’s claim of a tweet from House Republican leader John Boehner and termed it as “send a twit a tweet.”

This isn’t the first time that Sanchez is in the news. His infamous comment of President Obama, who he called the “Cotton Picking President” , did not go down too well with people.

Sanchez has worked for the major part of his career in Miami and is known to have won an Emmy in 1983.


  1. I have never enjoyed Rick Sanchez. But what he stated this week is shared by a huge percentage of Americans, I believe. When the “free” media in a democracy is controlled by a group that is only 2% of its population, then the democracy no longer exists. I challenge CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC to list the top 20 executives, and top 20 reporters in their companies. With that they should post the religion and ethnicity of each. Then we shall see if Sanchez was wrong. When a financial analysist discusses a company’s stock, he must reveal if he or his company have a vested interest in that stock. Fair. But when Wold Blitzer, just to pull out a newscaster, discusses “objectively” the situation in the middle east, we have a right to know that he is deeply invested, personally and financially in Jewish and pro-Israeli groups. If a Palestinian broadcasts on this subject (good luck) he must identify his connections as well. If a reporter is deep into a Vatican issue, he should identify whether he is Catholic. A DEMOCRACY, DEPENDENT UPON OBJECTIVE REPORTING TO MAKE DECISIONS, MUST HAVE THIS KIND OF TRANSPARENCY.
    You said Sanchez made hurtful remrks. I say rediculous. He was simply observing out loud what internally we are all thinking.

  2. This has EVERYTHING to do with race and bigotry.

    CNN anchors and guest talk $hit about Mexicans, Muslims and African-Americans all the time with no consequences.

    Octavia Nasr and Rick Sanchez firings DO PROVE that Jews control the media.

    Jews are BIGOTS by their own definition of being “The Chosen Ones”.

    CNN sucks. Rick Sanchez should sue for a billion bucks.

    The New America – Freedom of Speech, only if you do not speak about Jews.

  3. Jews are BIGOTS by their own definition of being the “chosen ones”.

    There could be 18 Jewish Senators from Israel in the US Senate in November. The Jewish population of USA is less than 2% or 7 million Jews.

    The Hispanic population is 50 million and there is only 1 Hispanic Senator.

    The African-American population is 40 million and there is only 1 Afro-American Senator.

    Does that make sense that 7 million Jews get 18 Senators and 90 million minorities get 2 Senators?

    The Supreme Court has 4 Jewish Justices or 45% of the seats on the court for only 2% of the US population.

    Beyers, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan are all Jews. (Sotomayor is a Portuguese Jew – her father is Jewish.)


    Jews do not OVERTLY control everything but they do have disproportionate influence in relation to their extremely small demographic numbers.