Miss World 2010 Hot Top Favorites – In Pictures


UK Today News: Miss World 2010 Hot Top Favorites – In Pictures

The 60th edition of the Miss World pageant is all set to take place on October 20, 2010 in Sanya, China. The beauty competition will see 115 beautiful women from across the world competing for the coveted crown. With 4 contestants already making it through to the Top 25, everyone can already see a few top favorites emerging in the pageant.

The 2010 Miss World pageant will see seven former Miss World winners over the decades, gracing the event as judges.

With bookies and fans alike, choosing their top favorites, who are the contestants to watch out for? Several reports across the web state that Miss Brazil Kamilla Salgado is a top competitor this year, and the others to watch out for include Miss India, Miss Norway, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Belgium, Miss Slovakia among others.

Here is a list of the top hot favorites at the 2010 Miss World pageant:

1. Miss Puerto Rico World 2010 Yara Liz Lasanta

After becoming the first contestant to be fast-tracked to the Top 25 at the Miss World (she won the Miss World Beach Beauty title), and also being a Miss Teen International winner, Yara is definitely a tough competitor this year.

2. Miss Martinique World 2010 Tully Fremcourt

The 20 year-old who is studying her first year of a Sports degree, has the enthusiasm, charm and good looks to make it to the top.

3. Miss Norway World 2010 Mariann Birkedal

The gorgeous 23 year old is definitely a top favorite this year. She is also the winner of the Miss World Top Model 2010 event and a contestant who can quite possibly make it to the top 5.

4. Miss Colombia World 2010 Laura Marcela Palacio Restrepo

The 5ft 8inch beauty is an ambassador of the United Nations and has a degree of fashion. This beauty with brains, and not forgetting a heart, is indeed one of the top favorites at the Miss World 2010 pageant.

5. Miss Slovakia World 2010 Marina Georgievova

The 18 year-old not only has good looks but was also a winner at a fitness competition in Austria. She is indeed a much talked about contestant at this year’s Miss World pageant.

6. Miss Peru World 2010 Alexandra Liao

The gorgeous 19 year-old beauty is a tough competitor this year, and is even known to have been awarded the ‘Miss Personal Training’ and the ‘Best Hair’ awards during the Miss Peru pageant this year.

7. Miss Botswana World 2010 Emma Wareus

The 20-year old beauty has not only stunning looks, but she has made Africa very proud of her after doing pretty well at most of the fast-track events at this years pageant.

8. Miss Russia World 2010 Irina Sharipova

The stunning 18 year-old a brunette has a very attractive  personality which makes her stand out at the 2010 Miss World pageant.

9. Miss India World 2010 Manasvi Mamgai

This Indian beauty has been considered as the top choice of the Miss World 2010 crown right from the start, since she also happens to be the winner of the Miss Tourism International 2008 title as well as the Elite Model Look, India in 2006.

10. Miss Ireland 2010 Emma Britt Waldron

Emma is the winner of the Miss World Talent 2010 event, and is also one of the contestants who has made it to the Top 25 at Miss World 2010.

11. Miss Denmark World 2010 Natalya Averina

The 20 year-old beauty could be a contestant to make it to the Top 25, thanks to her confidence and good looks.

12. Miss Belgium World 2010 Cilou Annys

Cilou was a Top 15 contestant at this year’s Miss Universe pageant, and the exposure at that pageant has made her a top contender at this years Miss World 2010 pageant.

13. Miss England World 2010 Jessica Helen Linley

The gorgeous 21 year-old Law student, wishes to become a Solicitor, and also win the Miss World crown.

14. Miss World China 2010 Xiao Tang

Xiao Tang’s combination of intelligence and beauty makes her an Asian favorite.

15. Miss World Venezuela 2010 Adriana Vasini Sanchez

The South American babe is all set to take on the crown.

16. Miss South Africa World 2010 Nicole Flint

The 22 year-old beauty represents South Africa for the second time this year – this time at the Miss World 2010 pageant.

17. Miss Philippines-World 2010 Czarina Catherine Ramos Gatbonton

5ft 7 inch. Czarina has her eyes set on the crown.

18. Miss Brazil World 2010 Kamilla Salgado

The 23 year-old multi-talented beauty, is not just a pretty face, she also has her own business – a definite favorite.

So who is your favorite for the Miss World 2010 crown?

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