Cargo Bomb Plot In Dubai, UK Linked To Terrorist Organizations

UK Today News: Cargo Bomb Plot In Dubai, UK Linked To Terrorist Organizations

A package found on board a cargo plane in Dubai on Saturday, was reportedly filled with explosives and an electrical circuit that was linked to a SIM card of a cell phone. It was a US-bound package that was addressed to synagogues in Chicago.

Reports state that the authorities revealed that the package was professionally done and had trademark of terror groups like the Al-Qaeda. The authorities also informed that the explosive found in the package was pentaerythritol trinitrate or PETN.

The Dubai police said, “The parcel was prepared in a professional manner where a closed electrical circuit was connected to a mobile phone SIM card hidden inside the printer.” They added, “This tactic carries the hallmarks of methods used previously by terrorist organisations such as al-Qaeda.”

PETN is the same chemical that was used be in last year’s failed attempt to blow up a plane in Detroit.

Reports state that a Yemeni women has been arrested in connection with the bomb plot at East Midlands airport, and Dubai.

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