Leonardo DiCaprio To Play A Father In The Movie Inception

UK Today News: Leonardo DiCaprio To Play A Father In The Movie Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio says he does not need to become a father to portray that character in a film and is in no hurry to become, any way.


Leonardo, who essayed the role of a father in the movie, ‘Inception’, is not likely to become a father in real life anytime soon in the future. He said,

“I like that I’ve reached an age where I can play more mature responsible characters, and that includes the father of a family”.

The American actor also believes in keeping his private life a private affair and is going around with an Israeli beauty named Bar Refaeli.

Leonardo was introduced to the glamour world with the sitcom ‘Growing Pains’ , but his first appreciation came for the movie ‘This Boy’s Life’ followed by ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ where he played the role of a mentally challenged brother of Johnny Depp.

His portrayal in a romantic character of Jack Dawson in the Oscar winning blockbuster ‘Titanic’ brought him the real fame which was required to push him up the ladder of success.

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