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UK Today News: Vera Baker and Barack Obama Affair – Vera Baker Photo

The National Enquirer has gone ahead and exposed an alleged scandal involving US President Barack Obama and a former campaign aide named Vera Baker. (see Vera Baker photo below)


It is reported that the communication between Obama and Vera Baker was not just casual flirting but it is alleged that the US President and this attractive African American aide got close back in 2004.

Sources say that Vera Baker disappeared from Obama‚Äôs political scene and now is somewhere in the Caribbean, which has led people to assume that The President’s wife Michelle Obama might have sent her away after news of the affair.

Is this true or just some hollow gossip? We will get to know this in sometime.

18 Responses to “Vera Baker and Barack Obama Affair – Vera Baker Photo”

  1. tacamojo May 1, 2010

    He’ll simply blame Bush and the MSM won’t even cover it.

  2. attractive?? hahaha. this one looks like a shemale just like his fugly silver back wife

  3. Birther May 1, 2010

    Perhaps this scandal should be called Veragate?

  4. Doug Onesko May 1, 2010

    She looks slutty enough to be plowed by Obama. He looks stupid enough to do it.

  5. bobby May 1, 2010

    The Natioal Enquirer is dangerous; without them we would have never known about Clinton and the blue dress or that pillar of moral values John Edwards with his mistress and kid. Pols are low rent scum. GO Enquirer!! Pultzer Prize material if you can prove it!!

  6. Kevin May 1, 2010

    Obama is in trouble. The National Enquirer nailed John Edwards on his affair/love child too.

  7. Yep, Obama will blame Bush. I think I will buy my first Enquirer! LOL LOL LOL

  8. It would have been so much more fun had she been white….

  9. gregg May 1, 2010

    Your a ass anna, i bet you a buck tooth, smelly white-trash u know what.

  10. bubba May 2, 2010

    I can’t believe she’s african american!

  11. George Soros May 2, 2010


  12. Obama is a muslim, born in kenya, had a gay affair with Larry Sinclair, now this. When are you people going to stop trying to bring down our President can we just wait 2012 to vote him out of office and stop these rumors that will only hurt us Americans. Focus on yourself to be a better citizen, educate yourself on the issues of immigration, cap and trade, and government spending, the economy etc. we are so busy trying to blame each other for the ailments of the USA, when we are the ones that should be looking at the mirror for electing the same politicians over and over.

  13. Maybe she went to the Carribean to fetch his Birth Certificate! I agree with Jose! Let’s just get him out of office & not let these smooth talkers scam us again!

  14. Have some respect you sore losers. This is alleged like so many things in the National Enquirer. Settle down there folks…put the pitch forks down, Obama is still our president and he’s innocent until proven guilty.

  15. Brittany May 5, 2010

    figures….thats all I’m gonna say….

  16. HATERS!!!!!

  17. Anna Is Hating because that beautiful BLACK FIRST LADY is more than she will ever imagine to be….. HATER!!!!!

  18. sarah failin- er palin May 5, 2010

    shes pretty