Russell Brand to star in movie version of Rentaghost TV series


British actor Russel Brand is all set to co-produce and star in the movie inspired by the British classic TV series ‘Rentaghost’. Russell will be playing the main role in the remake of the hit TV series.

‘Rentaghost’ was a British TV series of the 70s, which is about a dead man who runs an agency which hires spirits. The rights to the BBC 1 kids’ comedy has been bought by Warner Bros. Sources have said that it will be turning in to a ‘Beetlejuice’ style movie.

A source told, “Russell’s career goes from strength-to-strength. This is the ideal vehicle for him, it was one of his favorite shows as a kid.”

Reports also state that Russell will be playing the role of Fred Mumford, which was originally played by Anthony Jackson in the original TV series. Brand, who is the husband of American singer Katy Perry, will be the executive producer along with the TV chiefs from Langley Park and Berman Braun.