Thought controlled technology a near possibility, says scientists


UK Today News: Technology has no limits and this has been proved by the scientists at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine, who have developed a computer, which allows the user to operate it with the help of thought. The new discovery can be beneficial in the fields of gaming as well as medical areas, where the technology can help patients with paralysis or loss of speech.

In an experiment conducted on some patients, just with the help of the thought of making some sounds, they were able to move the cursor on the screen. The technology uses brain activity of the human being, which helps the user to operate the computer.

The technology can be a blessing for those with physical disabilities and are unable to communicate orally. Moreover, the technology will also allow the patients to move robotic arms or even wheelchairs, apart from just communicating.

Analyst say that if the latest technology is improvised and finished, then it is possible to create a new revolution in the medical and gaming field. Moreover, such a technology can also be useful in times of emergencies like a hijackings or kidnapping. In the future, similar things can be done with the help of the technology in an even more natural way that works in aiding physically handicapped people.