Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger back together?


UK Today News: Seems like British Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton has got back with his American singer girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger. The two were recently clicked holding hands while they were strolling along a road in Hollywood.

The two were heading towards dinner and seemed happy and smiling away.

The couple split in the month of October 2011 and said that their work commitments kept them apart.

Now that Nicole has been fired from the reality show X Factor US, she will have more time to spend with her love. When the paparazzi asked her about how she felt when she lost her position from X Factor, the singer maintained silence but Lewis spoke out and said that it is not good without her.

On February 7, the singer tweeted that she has become the new face for Herbal Essences. Nicole and Lewis started dating in the year 2008. The singer met Hamilton at the European Music Awards in Munich in the year 2007. Six months later the world came to know that they are dating when they appeared together at the Monaco Grand Prix. The two then split in January 2010 but in July 2011 Nicole’s father announced that the two are engaged. But then again the two split in October 2011.