Russell Brand spotted with another girl from Yoga class


UK Today News: British comedian and actor Russell Brand seems to have joined in a speed dating Yoga class. Every time the actor comes out with another girl from the class and it has not been long since the actor has legally separated from Katy Perry.

Brand was recently snapped with two different ladies, whom the actor met at the Yoga class he attends. Last week, it was Mexican artist Oriela Medellin Amieiro who was spotted leaving his house early in the morning.

And now the actor was spotted leaving Yoga class with another girl. When Brand was snapped, the actor looked like a student who is looking at finding himself an Indian ashram.

Just before 9 am, the actor was seen leaving his house with the girl on Wednesday. The two attended the yoga class together and then returned to their den later. An eye witness said that the two looked very comfortable with each other. At a point the girl even punches his arm in a playful way. With all the girls around him, it seems like Brand is enjoying his yoga classes. It might be a great way to get out of the stress of getting divorced to award winning singer Katy Perry?