Rolling Stones to perform in small concerts as the Cockroaches


Before the British rock band Rolling Stones return to performances at O2, the members will be warming up for their 50th Anniversary arena shows in Newark and London by playing club shows under the assumed name of Cockroaches. The official live return has not been scheduled until November 25, 2012 when they play the first two nights at London O2.

The members are already rehearsing in Paris and are hoping to come out for some small club concerts. Ronnie Wood said that they will jump in for a few gigs next week, but added, “I don’t know who we’ll be billed as but we’ll turn up somewhere and put a few to the test. Tiny 200-300-people kind of places”.

It is expected that the Rolling Stones might come up with a surprise and are most likely to perform under the name ‘Cockroaches’. This is the alias name which the group has used for decades earlier. The band had come up with the name at a concert in 1977 for their album ‘Love You Live’ in Toronto.

There are strong reports that the Stones might plan their tour beyond their shows in London and New Jersey. Keith Richards, while talking to BBC 6 said that the band is not going to wind up with four shows.