5 Tips for a last minute Thanksgiving Turkey dinner


This Thanksgiving if you do not have much time and are not very sure how to go about cooking a good turkey, do not worry as there are many ways to thaw the dish and make a yummy meal for your family.

One of the easiest ways to thaw the turkey is to put it into the microwave in defrost mode, according to the weight of the bird. However, the turkey can also be roasted without thawing, its just that it will take a bit longer to cooked than a thawed one.

These tips will help you with the entire process of cooking the meal.

1. Thawing – Do not thaw the turkey on the kitchen top or at room temperature.

2. Precautions Make sure you do not deep fry, smoke or grill a frozen turkey. It will not cook evenly and such methods will not reach a safe internal temperature throughout the turkey.

3. Remove giblet package – The turkey neck will have giblet packaging and the neck may be found inside the turkey cavity or under the flap of the skin. Remove this as the turkey thaws.

4. Food thermometer – Make use of a food thermometer to make sure that all the parts of the turkey are cooked to at least 165 degrees Celsius.

5. Cooking time – The turkey must be cooked for 1 ½ times the length required for thawing the bird.