Expecting Kate Middleton gets advice from her mother


The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is now eagerly awaiting the birth of her Royal baby, due later in 2013. While she enjoys motherhood, it seems like Kate is making sure that she finds out all about motherhood and is taking some tips from her own mother Carole.


Kate and Prince William announced the pregnancy in the month of December 2012, before Kate reached her second trimester. During that time the Duchess was hospitalized for acute morning sickness. The baby is expected in the summer of 2013 and the would-be parents are doing everything they can to make sure everything goes smoothly.

One of the Royal couples priorities is to move into their new apartment, which has been freshly renovated, in Kensington Palace. It is an ideal place for new parents, as it has a children’s nursery and a walled garden for a young one to grow up. Apart from finding a new home, Kate is also depending on her mother to give her some useful tips, as well as some do’s and don’ts.

George Brown, a family friend of the Middleton’s revealed that Kate’s mother Carole has always been a model mum. Brown explained, “Carole always seemed very, very competent”. It seems like Kate is surely going to get some valuable advice before the delivery of the little one. The tips will also come very handy considering the fact that the Royal couple are not keen on relying on help from outside.