Google given ultimatum to rewrite its privacy policy


Search engine giant Google has been asked to rewrite its privacy policy. Google was previously known for its unified and simplified privacy policy, but this has only brought endless troubles for the company. UK has become the latest country which demanded that the search engine must rewrite its privacy policy.


Google has also been given an ultimatum that it must rewrite its privacy policy by September 20, 2013, or it has to face legal ramifications, such as a contempt of court or a fine of £500,000. Google introduced the new policy in March 2012, which included all products of Google.

Many people complained that the policy was not clear to users and how their data can be used by Google. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of UK says that the policy raises some serious questions whether or not Google is complying with the Data Protection act, because of the way it shares the information across its products.

A spokesperson said, “It’s not just about examining what is and isn’t in the privacy policy itself. It’s also about examining what the products and services actually do with the data”. The ICO is also concerned about the fact that users do not understand how Google uses their data.