Russian mobile operators to stop selling iPhones


Apple is considered to be the most popular smartphone manufacturer with its range of iPhones, but in recent times, three Russian mobile operators have reportedly stopped selling the iPhone as they were not making any money from sales of the device.


Media reports have said that MTS, Megafon and Vimpelcom – which together make up four-fifths of the Russian mobile market – have decided to stop selling the iPhone. None of the operators made any claims about not making money on selling the iPhone, but analysts have predicted that significant losses might have forced the operators to stop the sales.

Moreover, Russia has also banned handset subsidies for customers, which makes the iPhone very expensive. This also means that the operators are probably not shifting many devices. At the same time, the networks have also spoken about their relationship with Apple. MTS said that it is in talks with the US-based company to resume sales of the Apple handsets.

Apple said that it will not face a charge for failing to reach its sales target. The company is also keen on selling the iPad, claiming that it sees a potential on the Russian market.