Instagram and AirBnB suffer downtime due to Amazon’s server issues


On Sunday, August 25, 2013, a couple of popular websites suffered slowdowns or outages when Amazon’s unit – responsible for running web servers for different companies – experienced certain problems. Some of the websites affected by this issue were holiday website AirBnB, picture-sharing website Instagram, as well as Twitter’s video-sharing app Vine.

Instagram and AirBnB suffer downtime due to Amazon's server issues

All websites experiencing slowdown or complete unavailability sent tweets, acknowledging the issue. Instagram tweeted stating that it was aware that some of its users were unable to load Instagram properly and that it was working hard in order to solve the problem. Later on, Vine also sent a tweet similar to that of Instagram, while AirBnB tweeted that it was among those apps and websites that were down for the time being due to Amazon’s server problems.

American e-commerce company Amazon has Amazon Web Services and with it provides other companies with computing power and online storage. The company’s official website reported on Sunday, August 25, 2013 that several problems were already resolved in the evening, with only a few minor problems left. Vine seemed to be working fine again by late Sunday, while Instagram and AirBnB were working, but slow.

Amazon did not make any comments regarding this latest issue.

Photo Credits: Collar City Brownstone