Microsoft unveils Office Remote app


Tech giant Microsoft on November 19, 2013 announced the release of its Office Remote, which is a new application that enables users to turn their Windows Phone into a smart remote. The application will allow users to be in control of Microsoft Office 2013, as well as 365 documents on their PC and laptop.


The application is specifically designed to be used during presentations. Bert Van Hoof, an Office group program manager said, “Office Remote turns your phone into a smart remote that interacts with Microsoft Office on your PC. The app lets you control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from across the room so you can walk around freely during presentations.”

The latest application by Microsoft is available for download from the Windows Phone Store and will be compatible with devices which run on Windows Phone 8. Users will be required to have a Bluetooth-enabled PC which has a desktop add-on installed and is available for download from the company’s website.

Van Hoof went on to say that the application will help users to begin their PowerPoint presentation, control an on-screen laser, see their speaker notes and much more, all with the help of their smartphone. Users of the latest application can also navigate between Excel worksheets and graphs, as well as Word files.

Photo Credits: SB Nation