Tube to run all night on weekends in London, job cuts announced


London Underground has stated that tube trains will run all night during weekends, however, the majority of ticket offices will be closed and 750 jobs will be lost, according to latest reports.


It has been announced that as of 2015, trains will be running on Friday and Saturday nights on essential parts of the tube network. The latest changes will be made as part of the 21st century tube service, which will include direct payment by bank cards. On the other hand, the new move has been criticized by unions and Labour, due to the closure of ticket offices and job cuts.

London Underground (LU) explained that the new move will redeploy its employees and will make them available to give the best personal service to customers. LU also said that after the upcoming redeployment, more than 750 jobs will be lost with the closure of ticket offices.

Meanwhile, unions have promised that they will protest against the cuts and have accused TfL and Boris Johnson – the Mayor of London – of hiding the news of job cuts. Manuel Cortes, the leader of the TSSA rail union said, “It beggars belief that the mayor who was elected in 2008 on a pledge to keep open every ticket office is now planning to close every single one, with all that means for safety and jobs.”

Photo Credits: Standard UK