Hoverboard scooters not allowed to ride in public places in UK


Hoverboard scooters have become popular these days. The Crown Prosecution Service says that the electric self balancing scooters some under the same rules and cannot be ridden on the roads or pavements.


Hoverboards are these days used by celebs, sports stars and rappers but are illegal to use in public. The MET Police Tweeted, “self-balancing scooters cannot be ridden on roads or pavements, and are only allowed on private property.”
The vehicles have become common and can be seen on the streets. The machines are available costing from around £200 to several hundred pounds and are similar to a sideways electric skateboard where the users have to lean forward or backward to control them. However, the machines have to adhere the same rules as per Segways under the United Kingdom Law. Segways are motor vehicles which cannot be driven on the pavements but are not licensed and so they are not allowed to go on the roads.
The hoverboards can be driven in a private property and that too with the permission of the owner of the property. The Crown Prosecution Service says that the users can only ride an unregistered self-balancing scooter on land which is a private property. On the other hand the message has not yet reached Manchester as one of the police officers was seen using a hoverboard recently.

Photo Credits: telegraph