UK Teenagers more likely to feel like failures while leaving school


A recent study has found that teenagers are unhappy by the time they leave school and feel like they have failed in life and lack confidence. The study has also noticed the gap between the boys and girls where the girls are less likely to say that they feel happy than their male classmates.

uk teenagers

The new study has been published by Demos Think Tank which has mentioned that the happiness diminishes as they grow up and that most of them are concerned that their schooling is only helping them to pass exams. The recent findings have been noticed amidst the growing calls for the youngsters to be taught skills and abilities outside of lessons for instance character and grit which will help them later in life.
A survey was conducted involving about 1,000 UK students which found that 18 year olds in the final year of sixth form are less likely to remain happy in their life as 14 year olds. 68% of the students said that they are most likely to feel like failures if they do not succeed in a task. About one third of the final year students who were polled said that they think that their school only prepares them to succeed in exams.
Think tank ahs expressed that more needs to be done inside and outside of school to give the youngsters the right mindset.

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