Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gives birth to identical twin girls


Chief executive Officer of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer gave birth to identical twin daughters on December 10, 2015. Mayer and her investor husband Zachary Bogue had their first child, a boy in 2012.

marissa mayer

The Yahoo CEO Tweeted, “Zack and I are excited to announce that our identical twin girls were born early this morning. Our whole family is doing great!” The couple’s first child was born shortly after she took charge of the biggest U.S. web portal.
The latest news came just a few days after she spoke to the analysts and investors on a conference call and gave a press interview to discuss a big shift in Yahoo’s business strategy. The CEO will be taking off for two weeks after birth and another week during the holidays. However, Mayer will be available for the company to fulfill her CEO Duties.
Barbara Yastine the co-CEO of Lebenthal Holdings LLC in New York said it is Mayer’s decision to return to work as soon as possible and makes sense provided her role in the company. Yastine added that Mayer has a pressure at work and is facing challenges while figuring out how to handle things as a CEO. On the other hand Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg too has planned to take a paternity leave of two months after the birth of his daughter.

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