Instagram to introduce new feature for shopping in-site

Instagram plans to introduce shopping for the users inside the application


Online Photo sharing site Instagram might soon introduce facility to make purchases from within the application. Social networking giant Facebook which is the parent company has been introducing advertising and payment methods so as to make it an ideal platform to help reach consumers. Now Instagram has taken the step towards the direction.

A report from TechCrunch has mentioned that Instagram has added one of the native payments feature within the application. With the help of the new feature the Instagram subscriber can be able to pay for the various services or products from within the application. At present the feature is available only for the selected users in the UK and the US apart from a few partners.

The payment services is available for some of the small services like reserving a table at the restaurant. The users in order to access the e-commerce options in the application, will have to submit their bank details. To make it fully protected, Instagram has added a 4 digit pin authentication. However it is still unclear if the photo sharing site wants to take a share from the brand that is selling on its platform or will it continue to claim revenue in form of advertisements. In any case the social network will be able to establish itself on the platform to get some serious business.

The photo sharing site had earlier announced an update that allowed the sellers to post random feeds and the buyer was taken to a different site. The new feature will allow the buyer to complete the payment process within Instagram itself. Instagram has become one of the best mediums for the new-age entrepreneurs. It is expected to reach one billion monthly active users in 2018. With the introduction of e-commerce on the site, many new as well as mainstream brands might make the best use of the platform on a larger scale.

Photo Credits: PPcorn