5 Times Kate Middleton broke the royal protocol

kate Middleton

The female members of the royal family have always been under the radar when it came to dressing as they have a number of do’s and don’t’s and a protocol that has to be followed. Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has always been pointed out for her dressing choices and the number of times she has gone beyond the royal protocol. But Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has also break the rules of the royal dressing sense. However, Kate has remained careful in terms of remaining within the boundaries and not selecting outfits that how too much of skin. But there have been times when she has crossed the line. Here are a few times, the Duchess of Cambridge opted to ignore the royal protocol.

1. Off-shoulder outfit – The royal protocol says that off-shoulder outfits should not be worn and despite that the Duchess of Cambride was seen in a bright red off-shoulder maxi outfit during her visit in Poland. However, Middleton looked great in her choice of outfit.

2. Wore Wedge heels – The Queen of England does not approve of wearing wedge heels, but that did not stop Middleton as she was seen wearing them with some of her maxi outfits and boho outfits a couple of times.

3. Skin color pantyhose – The royal members are expected to wear only the skin color pantyhouse with their outfits and not bare their legs. But Kate has a number of times sported black pantyhose with many of her outfits and carries them well.

4. Dark color nails – Kate Middleton continues to maintain wearing skin color or colorless nail color on her hands, but when it comes to her leg you will always find her toes with the dark nail color.

5. Outfits above her knees – While Kate Middleton has seldom crossed her limits and continues with the traditional wearing, she continues to pick up outfits which are above the knees. This habit of Kate does turn heads of the royal observers and traditionalists.

Photo Credits: MattPorteous