Viacom Accuses Google’s Youtube of Piracy, Releases Documents


UK Today News: Viacom Accuses Google’s Youtube of Piracy, Releases Documents

Viacom released more documents on Thursday, as part of their legal battle with Video sharing giant YouTube on certain copyright issues.

Viacom is reportedly accusing Google of planning to profit from copyright infringement and convince copyright owners into licensing agreements. However, YouTube has denied these allegations.

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Viacom said: Google “embraced infringement as a business model. Indeed, not long before the [YouTube] acquisition, the executive in charge of managing Google’s core product offerings, including search, sent Google’s co-founders and CEO an internal presentation explicitly advocating that Google use the threat of copyright theft to advance its business interests.”

YouTube has accused Viacom of putting up a media stunt instead of presenting anything new.

A spokesman for Youtube said: “It’s revealing that Viacom is trying to litigate this case in the press. These documents aren’t new. They are taken out of context and have nothing to do with this lawsuit.”