Brett Michaels Update – Brett Recovering But What is the Cause of the Brain Hemmorhage?


The ’80s metal band rock star Brett Michaels was hospitalized last week due to brain hemorrhage. But the question that remains that is what was wrong with Brett that everything just had to become so bad?


A brain Hemorrhage is a very serious condition where the artery bursts within the brain.

But now, if Brett Michaels condition is considered, he is also reportedly suffering from Type 1 diabetes, which is formed from childhood, but could that be the reason?

Reports say that Brett Michaels had blurred vision, slurred speech and dizziness which are all common symptoms, and doctors are doing all they can to get him back to normal.

Will Michaels never completely recover? Looking at the Poison singer Brett Michaels, reports say that he can hear and is also conscious – which are good signs, but there is no doubt that the recovery process will certainly take a long time.

But lets hope that he beats the odds and recovers from this brain hemorrhage.

Get well soon Brett!

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