Fox News And Other News Channels Won’t Air Obama Cheating Scandal


UK Today News: Fox News and other News Channels Won’t Air Obama Cheating Scandal

Obama Cheating Scandal: Anti Obama Conservatives are on their heels from the moment the National Enquirer revealed an alleged affair of US President Barack Obama with an African American lady named Vera Baker.

obama and michelle

The National Enquirer supposedly says that Obama is cheating on Michelle Obama, and that he did have a relationship with a woman named Vera Baker, who was an important part during his political campaign.

The National Enquirer states that they have strong and shocking evidence against Obama and Vera in the form of a security video tape.

None of the major media giants are publishing this news or the fact that this story exists. Fox News and other news agencies are reportedly ignoring such issues and choose to focus on more important and less controversial issues instead of this Obama affair.


  1. The National Enquirer has some of the highest paid investigative reporters in the country. They broke the John Edwards story which was initially largely ignored by the US media.

  2. It takes some time to work out negotiation deals between the Enquirer and the Networks.

    The internet and news media is being controlled by the government.

  3. ummm, yeah… that’s why the national enquirer RECANTED the statement that they had video proof, and now they’re “actively investigating” the possibility that surveillance video *might* exist that may or may not contain footage of something that may or may not have happened six years ago. SIX YEARS AGO. banks don’t keep footage for more than a year. good luck with that one.

    if you want to attack obama in a circumspect fashion, fine. have at it. but at least try and come up with something that isn’t so completely retarded. here’s what you have: a limo driver that dropped some campaigner off at a hotel, who wasn’t there to witness whether or not another limo picked the campaigner up. great. that’s so… compelling. because a campaigner and a candidate can’t POSSIBLY be working on a campaign, right? it HAS to be an affair. and to prove it, investigators are “actively searching” for a video tape that’s several years old?

    people seriously have nothing better to do.

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