Amy Winehouse looking for a Nose job after the Boob job?


Amy Winehouse, the controversial “Rehab” singer who is famous for her drug addiction, seems to be getting addicted to something else now – plastic surgery.


The singer has reportedly found comfort in getting implants done ever since she got over her drug usage.
After getting a boob job done last month, Amy is now looking to get another thing done from the same London clinic – a nose job.

According to one reliable source: “She wants her nose made smaller to fit with her small face as she hates the fact her nose is so big and she doesn’t like the shape.” The source goes on to say: “Amy says she can barely look in the mirror at the moment as she hates it so much. She’s booked in for January but is pushing to get it done sooner.”

Although Amy is happy with her new busty looks and her alleged lip plumping too, the rumors of her nose job and possible butt implants too have made her parents very concerned. They seem to be trying to convince the singer to give it up before it turns her into something else.