Memorial Day 2010 – President Obama to Pay respect to America’s war dead


UK Today News: Memorial Day 2010 – President Obama to Pay respect to America’s war dead

Memorial Day 2010: Barack Obama, on this years Memorial day, is all set to pay his respect to America’s war dead.


The schedule of President Obama on Memorial Day consists of observance at the Abraham Lincoln Cemetery situated in Elwood, Illinois, on this years Memorial Day 2010.

Its a tradition that the Presidents of the United States participating in the annual Memorial Day held at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington. Obama did that as President for the 1st time last year.

Many veteran groups have criticized President Obama as he will not be appearing at the Arlington National Cemetery this year. This year Vice President Joe Biden will go instead.

Some veterans groups have criticized Obama for not appearing at the nation’s most hallowed burial ground this Memorial Day. Vice President Joe Biden will help lay the wreath at Arlington instead.


  1. People need to get a life. Are they at Arlington National cemetery today??? No I doubt it. Are they going to their local cemeteries today to put wreaths on local veterans graves? No I doubt it. They are swimming in their tight trunks with their beer bellies hanging out and grilling meat while getting wasted. Oh America. You love to criticize while you are being a douche. And no wonder Reality Tv was born in this country. He is going to another military cemetery to pay his respects. Thats more than you and your neighbors.

  2. Our own president and commander-in-chief not keeping tradition by going to Arlington National Cemetery this year, is disrespectful.

  3. unbelieevable, but not surprising, that our Commander in Chief, is not at Arlington. He vowed to change the way things are done in Washington….. boy is he succeeding! What trash he is. FYI devon, I am not the CIC, but I am going to our cemetery where I will honor those that served our nation. Did you? Or are you one of the “they” who is running around in tight trunks stuffing your fat belly?