Tubby cat Giuly becomes an online sensation


Tubby cat Giuly has become the most sensational cat online. She is like a celebrity and has already started to rule the websites, after her photographs started appearing online.

Reports state that Giuly is a cute, five year old, exotic shorthair feline and weighs about six kilos. However, nobody ever tries to mess with the cutie, as she knows how to make use of her claws, when someone points out at her weight.

Giuly is owned by 28 year old Chiara Bagnoli, who likes to photograph her. Chiara likes to take her pictures because of the cats unusual expressions, which she makes while she is asleep or just sitting in a corner. Sources say that the cat has many fans from America and Spain, who often keep viewing her photographs and keep themselves updated about the cat’s whereabouts.

Chiara who is also a teacher says that, Giuly dominates her website and is a star, her friends and family adore her photographs and like to see them online. Giuly, according to Chiara, is a very playful cat but at the same time is also very lazy and unlike other cats, loves to drench herself in rains.