Gunshot sensors installed in Birmingham to help British police


UK Today News: The Shotspotter Gunshot Location System, which is used in the US to detect gunshots, has now been installed for the first time in the UK, in Birmingham. The sensors were installed after the increasing number of firearms incidents reported in the area.

Reports state that it is the first time that the sensors, which can sense gunshots within a 25m radius, have been installed in UK. According to the West Midlands Police, the sensors have been installed high up on the buildings in the north-west areas of Birmingham.

The Shotspotter Gunshot Location System comes with a price tag of £150,000 and records audio and video clips and sends the police the details of the location

Back in 1996, the sensors were tested in Red Wood Village. However, it did not perform as it should at that time, but after it’s installation in the year 2008 in Washington, the system helped 62 victims of violent crime and had also helped in 9 arrests. From then onwards, the sensors became popular and proved a success.