Drinking school milk can reduce risks of bowel cancer as adults


UK Today News: There some good news for all milk lovers around the world. Milk being the most common beverage, has now proved that it does not have ordinary values, but something a lot more benefical. A study has shown that children who drink school milk, can be at the lowest risk of developing bowel cancer as adults.

According to experts in New Zealand, children who drink milk regularly in school days for at least four years, are 20% less likely to develop a tumor as adults and 40%, if continued for six years. The experts also added that the calcium also protects the bowel to kill the cancer cells.

The research was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology and was supported by a campaign in the UK. The campaigners want to bring back the free milk program in primary schools after it was stopped in the year 1971.

Apart from students, it is equally important for women to take milk regularly as a part of a balanced diet. Women are often prone to lack of calcium, which can lead to serious problems like osteoporosis.

Being the first liquid that most humans have tasted in the world, milk helps people in a number of ways including building stronger bones, preventing dental decay and osteoporosis, and also being a rich source of vitamin A & B, calcium.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a glass of milk today!