X –rays and ultra sounds in utero increase risk of childhood cancer


UK Today News: Babies in early infancy or in-utero are more prone to develop childhood cancer, if exposed to X-rays. A research published online has warned of the threats of cancer for in utero and early infants.

According to the research conducted by Preetha Rajaraman, Ph.D, of the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, more than 2,600 children having cancer were examined, and the researchers could not find any relation between in utero exposure to ultrasound scans and childhood cancer, but found some indications that an ultrasound exposure may lead to childhood cancer.

The research also found some evidences of lymphoma and leukemia due to exposure to X-rays. “Although the results for lymphoma need to be replicated, all of the findings indicate possible risks of cancer from radiation at doses lower than those associated with commonly used procedures such as computed tomography scans,” the author said.

The author also suggested that ample care must be taken, during ultrasounds or X-ray investigations in pregnant mothers and young children.