Minute radiation levels of Fukushima blast found across the UK


UK Today News: Radiations from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan are slowly affecting the atmosphere in the UK. Very minute levels of radiations have been detected by the air monitoring stations. But experts have said that such minute levels of radiations do not pose any threats to the human health in the region.

Minute traces of the radioactivity from the Fukushima nuclear disaster have been found throughout the country. The traces were found by the emergency monitoring stations situated in Glasgow and Oxfordshire.

According to the Health Protection Agency, minute levels of radioactive iodine have been detected by the air stations in the past nine days, but currently, they do not pose any health threats to the people residing in the UK. However, the agency has also warned that the radiation levels may increase in the upcoming weeks, but the levels may be significantly low to pose any threats to health.

Dr. James Gemmill from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency had said that the concentration of iodine detected is very little and is not of any concern for the environment or the public. On the other hand, Alex Salmond the first minister of Salmond, had complained that the HPA had delayed to inform the public about the radiations detected on Friday. According to Salmond, the HPA was expected to release the information on Monday morning.

Ever since Japan was struck with a deadly tsunami a few days ago, the country set off a nuclear crisis after the Fukushima nuclear plant got badly affected.