Data Roaming prices to reduce drastically in Europe


UK Today News: In some good news, for the travelers within Europe, the data-roaming prices in the country will be reduced drastically. But the question remains on how the prices may reduce.

According to the EU digital commissioner Neelie Kroes, the European commission will be proposing a new legislation in the month of June, which will make it cheaper for the users of the mobile internet. The users, who will be travelling within the continent, will be able to access the internet in much cheaper rates than before.

In order to make the prices cheaper, attempts will be made to cap the prices at the retail level. A similar solution was also done for the voice and text roaming costs.

The retail prices are targeted, because it was mostly noticed that the users had opted the operator which would be easier for the user to use it at home, and when it came to roaming the user preferred to stick to the same operator. And if at all the user opts for another option, then he would buy it only on the basis of its cost and not its coverage and service.