British researchers find new injection life saver for heart stroke patients


UK Today News: With the increasing number of heart attacks world wide, a new injection has reportedly been introduced by Professor Wilhelm Schwaeble and his team from the University of Leicester, UK.

New studies state that not many people are aware that the actual damage of the heart and the body begins after the heart stroke. Damage is done to the brain tissues as well as the heart muscles. Such damage is caused as many of the body parts lack oxygen and interruption of blood flow, after the stroke.

The damage or the scarring occurs nine to twelve hours after the stroke. Many of the cells of the body also lack oxygen. The injection helps in reducing the life threatening damage done to the body and the heart.

The research team has found that the drug can protect the cells from tissue scaling up to 60 percent. The discovery of the drug is a major landmark in medical history in terms of treatment for strokes. The results of the drug came as a surprise for the cardiologist and they could not believe what was happening. The drug can also reduce the chances of heart transplants and can also be made a part of some surgical procedure. It took seven years for the researchers, to develop the drug and they hope that it will have an extremely high success rate.