Adele cancels all US concerts again


UK Today News: Once again, English singer and songwriter Adele has disappointed her fans. The singer has cancelled all of her US dates due to her bad health. But this time it sounds serious, or the singer would not have taken such a major decision. Adele is facing from some kind of hemorrhage in her vocal cords.

The doctors have warned the that if she does not take appropriate rest then she would lose her voice permanently. This is not the first time Adele has fallen ill. The 23 year-old-singer has been sick for a while and last month too she had canceled a series of her concerts due to a chest infection. On Tuesday, the ‘Someone Like You’ singer had written for her fans on her website and had expressed her grief.

Adele wrote that she is heartbroken and even worried to say that she is once again facing problems with her voice. The singer added that singing is her life, her hobby, her love, her freedom and now her job and she has absolutely no choice than to recover properly and fully or she would damage her voice for ever. Adele went on to write that she has great confidence in making everyone believe that how much this upsets her too. The singer added that she takes this seriously and is truly devastated and annoyed by this.

The ‘Chasing Pavements’ chart topper said that she wanted to do this very badly and not able to do it is so frustrating and added that her voice is weak and needs to build it back up.

Adele continued defending herself by saying that she would be starting vocal rehab as soon as possible and would start to develop her overall stamina of her voice, mind and body. The singger concluded that she would be back with a bang and apologize from the bottom of her heart.