Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi for users in the UK


UK Today News: Seattle-based international coffee and coffeehouse chain Starbucks has now offered free Wi-Fi connection throughout all the 650 of its coffee houses in the UK. The new system will offer free access to the users who get a coffee at Starbucks.

A new two-click system has been introduced which will make it easier to Starbucks cards holders as well as the non-card holders. Earlier, it was mandatory for the user to be a member of the Starbucks reward scheme in order to be a part of the free Wi-Fi access in the UK.

All the other users had to pay through the BT Openzone connection, but now the BT Openzone would continue to supply high speed Wi-Fi connection and the users can access the connection by accepting the terms and conditions for instant access.

The company had said that the new system was introduced after the users had demanded for a simpler system. The VP Marketing and Category of Starbucks of UK and Ireland, Brian Waring had said that their customers had given them a feedback that they had liked their free Wi-Fi system, but wanted it to be a bit simpler to access. Brian added that Starbucks is a place to take time out and the customers had expected to be connected to their business and family even while they are in the stores.