Russell Brand dating Mexican artist Oriela Medellin Amierio?


UK Today News: After getting separated from wife Katy Perry, English comedian and actor Russell Brand has met a 25-year-old painter at yoga class and the two seem to be hanging out often.

Reports revealed that the 38-year-old actor had spent a night with this mystery girl and the woman in question is Oriela Medellin Amierio. One of the news papers had even questioned the 25-year-old to which she said that she was not comfortable talking about it.

Oriela paints nude pictures that sell up to £4,500 a piece. The artist’s works are known for describing sensuality, guilt and repression from a woman’s perspective.

Meanwhile, Russell and Katy Perry have been granted divorce by the Los Angeles Superior Court. The divorce will be finalized on July 14, 2012 this year according to the Californian law. Brand has been known as the ladies man for a long time since he has been in some high profile relationships in the past.

Katy and Brand started dating in the year 2008 when Perry filmed for a cameo for Brand’s film ‘Get Him To The Geek’. The couple got married in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony in India in the year 2010.