Agyness Deyn reveals she lied about her age


UK Today News: British fashion model and actress Agyness Deyn recently revealed that she lied about her age at the beginning of her modelling career. Deyn revealed that she is actually 29 and was discovered when she was working in a fish and chips shop as a teenager.

Earlier it was though that she was signed at the age of 13, but she was actually 18. The actress revealed that she was already 18 when she decided to commit herself to modelling.

While most models start modelling in their early teens, Kate Moss was 14 when she started and so Agyness decided to lie about her age so that she could get a better chance of getting major opportunities. The actress also said that at that time she was quite old for a new face and so she decided to knock off a few years.

However, the news does not come as a surprise to anyone as the reports of her age were already doing rounds by a Facebook page named ‘Agyness Deyn You’re Not 18’ in the year 2007. The group was started by some former school friends, who claimed that they knew who went to school with her and will verify that she was 24 in 2007.