Daniel Radcliffe to star in new TV drama with Jon Hamm


After the success of the Harry Potter series, actor Daniel Radcliffe, who was known for playing the role of Harry, will move towards the small screen. The actor will now leave the world of bright lights of Hollywood and will be starring alongside Mad Men’s Jon Hamm in a new TV drama.

Media reports claimed that the new drama will be about Russian doctors in the World War One, as a part of the Sky Arts project. Daniel and Jon are likely to play the same character. Daniel will be portraying the doctor in the younger years, while Jon will be portraying the character in his older years.

Actor Jon will also be narrating the drama, which will have four parts to it. Sources from the production unit while talking about Daniel’s role said that it is a great role for the actor and that he is pretty excited about the prospect of working with Jon.

Reports also say that Daniel is a huge ‘Mad Men’ fan and feels that he can learn a lot from Jon, while Jon knows all the qualities of Daniel due to which, he will also be trying to do something.