Ashleigh and Pudsey of Britain’s Got Talent become millionaires


The winners of the popular reality show Britain’s Got Talent, Dancing dog Pudsey and his owner Ashleigh have become millionaires after signing up a series of lucrative contracts. The dancing duo was roped in for many contracts after their victory in the TV talent show.

Ashleigh have already claimed £500 k prize money for winning the show along with a book deal which is now claimed to be worth £350 k rather than £100 k which was earlier reported. According to The Mirror newspaper, the winning duo has now signed a contract for an additional £150k to appear in panto this Christmas.

Report says, “Ashleigh and Pudsey are now millionaires thanks to this book deal and hopefully it is just the beginning. The book will be an autobiography, or an autobidography, as it is being dubbed. It will be out in December for Christmas and will tell the story of how Pudsey became such an amazing performing dog.” Ashleigh and Pudsey will now head towards America this month for a few chat show appearances including a slot in the popular Jay Leno Show which could make them global stars.

There are also rumours that Ashleigh might be running for an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing this autumn.