Olly Murs tumbles down from stage at Guilfest 2012


English singer and song writer Olly Murs on July 14, 2012 tripped down the stage in front of thousands of his fans. The singer was performing at a festival in Surrey on Saturday when the Murs fell down the stage.

Olly was half the way through rendition of Stevie Wonder’s 1970s hit Signed, Sealed, Delivered when he slipped down the stairs at the edge of the stairs. However, the 28 year old singer managed to recover and shouted at the crowd, “I’m alive, it’s alright”.

After the show Murs took his Twitter account and wrote, “Oooh jeez! Proper stacked it tonight on stage haha GUILFEST was sooo cool.. Amazing you all turned up & stayed!! Specially with the rain!! X”. Reports said that the singer fell as he was about to sing the word ‘Delivered’ and the fall happened in a comic style.

The singer recovered from the incident but the former X Factor’s falling performance has now been watched more than 24,000 times on YouTube. Despite the tumble, Murs remained in high spirits before and after the show. Before the show the singer told fans that he might need to purchase a pair of wellington boots due to the wet weather.