Pete Doherty forcefully discharged from rehab in Thailand


English musician, writer and actor Pete Doherty was ousted from a rehab centre in Thailand. The singer has reportedly thrown out for disruptive behaviour.

The counsellors at the rehab centre said that Pete’s behaviour at the centre was disrupting the bother patient’s progress, due to which it was through that he should be removed from the rehabilitation programme. The singer appeared to be making every effort to knock his crack cocaine and heroin addiction.

The singer had been to the rehab after he cancelled a string of festival concerts three weeks back. The rehab centre was located in a remote setting in a Thai jungle at the Cabin in Chiang Mai, but still he wasn’t able to move forward.

The behaviour of Doherty became more and more destructive to the other addicts trying to get rid themselves of their demons. Pete was thus forced to leave half way through his treatment. Reports told that the 33 year old was responding well to the treatment at first. Pete arrived at 7 am on July 18, 2012 after a ten hour flight from Bangkok. The singer was escorted to the centre with his manager Andy Boyd. Alastair Mordey the director of the rehab said that it was important to maintain the integrity of the treatment programme for the other clients.