BBC apologises to Queen over revelation about Abu Hamza arrest


British public service broadcaster, BBC has apologized for revealing the Queen once raised concerns over the concerns with the government about why radical cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri was not arrested. The channel apologized after the security correspondent Frank Gardner told BBC Radio 4 details of a private conversation that he had with the Queen.

BBC said that it and Gardner were sorry for the breach of confidence and that both deeply regret. On September 24, 2012 Abu Hamza lost his latest appeal against the extradition to the US. It was ruled by the Human Rights that the extradition could ahead.

The Home officer has hopes that it can be achieved within three weeks. The decision by the Strasbourg Court means that the clerical and four other terrorism suspects can face terrorism trials in the US after the delays going back to the late 1990s. In the case of Abu Hamza, he was first arrested in the year 2004.

The recent development was discussed on Radio 4’s Today programme on September 25, 2012 when Gardner revealed the details of his conversation with the Queen on the matter. Gardner said that the monarch had revealed in a private meeting how she was upset that Abu Hamza could not be arrested.