Cheryl Cole shows off chest at Glasgow concert


British recording artist Cheryl Cole gave a generous flash of her chest at the latest gig of her ‘A Million Lights’ tour. The singer looked like a golden genie and squeezed out of her outfit every time she hoped around the stage.

The 12,000 strong crowd in Glasgow enjoyed the songs as well as Cheryl’s stage presence, as she hoped around in her revealing outfit. Cole, who is currently on her solo tour will soon be concluding the UK tour.

The closing night will approach after the two concerts at her home town New castle. The singer is expected to be welcomed by a huge crowd in New castle. After the tour finishes, the singer will be planning to join her ‘Girls Aloud’ band-mates and will be preparing for her much awaited come back.

Cheryl also revealed a teaser video before the special announcement on Friday. The teaser video has shown the girls playing with the camera on a black and white stage. The fans are certainly excited for the return of the girl-band, but the singer also said that her come back will be short lived.

Cole, in her book ‘Cheryl: My Story’ said that she will be working on a tour with Girls Aloud along with a greatest hits album and then the band will call it quits. She went on to say that they have achieved more than any of them had ever expected.