David Cameron accepts free iPad from Apple despite criticising it


British Prime Minister David Cameron said that he is not happy with multinational firms like Apple, who are not paying enough tax to Britain. Still however, the Prime Minister has accepted a free iPad from the US electronics giant.

The latest details of the gifts received by the ministers have shown that the PM has kept the free gadget for official use. Reports say that Cameron is a big fan of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, which has also led to controversy that the PM spends more time relaxing rather than working.

According to the Whitehall rules, ministers must declare all gifts worth more than £140. So unless the officials chose to pay for gifts from their own money, they are usually stored away. In the year 2010, Cameron chose to purchase an iPad worth £429 which was given to him by headphone tycoon Mike Faith.

On the other hand, another tablet from New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg was kept by the cabinet office. The latest details of this year’s gifts show that Cameron had received a leather jacket from president Barack Obama during a trip to the US in the month of May, but the PM chose not to purchase it.